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Android Studio has become the new name when it comes to developing the applications for Google Android devices. It is the most popular tool that allows programmers to easily build, debug and distribute Android applications. It is developed in C++ language that is supported by all Android devices. But, it also supports Java as well because many of the device manufacturers use this language for their applications.

With the help of these two languages, developers can easily develop Android applications using their preferred platform like JAVA or C++. With the help of both these platforms, an application can be developed quickly without the need to learn two different programming languages. But, Android Studio helps developers create Java and C++ programs simultaneously. It also allows users to download the program to their device. While doing so, they get a chance to have a preview of the application that is running on their device. As the application runs, they can change the settings, view the features and add their own customizations.

When you download the application of Android Studio, it is automatically saved to your device. So, you can easily install it on your phone. Moreover, developers can also use a software utility called the Antivirus Utility to scan the application to see whether there are any malicious codes inside it. If there are, it will be immediately deleted. Once the software is properly installed on your device, you will have access to the menu to view your applications that are already in use. There are also options to uninstall an application. Thus, it is very easy to manage your applications with this software.

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